How to Watch IIHF World Juniors 2022 Live Stream Online

Updated On — 23rd Feb, 2021

The International Ice Hockey Federation championship is a tournament that brings together the players of ice hockey from the world over. It is held in rotating venues and is truly competitive. One of its matches is reserved for the juniors or typically persons who are under 20 years of age.

It is held annually, typically from later December through to the beginning of January each year. However, things are not going to be the same this year. Reason? We have the Coronavirus pandemic that is presently wreaking havoc world over. It will definitely impact the hosting of this event.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended that any enthusiast gets to know about these developments. We prepare these discussions for just that. Our arguments shall look into the impending IIHF World Juniors 2021 and how it is likely to be impacted by the present pandemic.

When and where is IIHF World Juniors 2021?

The IIHF World Juniors 2021 shall be held from late December 2020 through to the beginning of January 2021. That places the exact dates from December 26, 2020, through to January 5, 2021. The actual venues shall be Edmonton and Red Deer, both in the provinces of Alberta, Canada.

It is interesting to note that this shall be the 14th time that Canada shall host the event. In the course of holding the event, the same shall be simultaneously beamed to households around the world via various news outlets and transmission channels. All these are subject to the existing broadcast schedules.

IIHF World Juniors 2021 Overview

TITLEWorld Juniors 2022
PlaceRogers Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Start DateDecember 25, 2021 – January 5, 2022
Defending ChampionUSA (2021)
LIVE STREAMWorld Juniors Live

How to Watch IIHF World Juniors 2022 Live Online

Though many channels shall be used to beam the event across the globe, the online platform remains the single most preferred. That is due to its zero geographical limitations and the ability to stream and watch contents without any undue hindrances. We take you through the steps to follow to leverage this platform for your uninterrupted viewing:

  • Step I: Identify a suitable viewing site

Start by identifying and finding a suitable viewing site. Many sites of these kinds do abound at the moment. Top examples are the official IIHF site, YouTube, sports channels, and the third party streaming sites.

Alternatively, you may also enroll in media streaming services like Roku or Netflix. The best site for the job has to be that which is free or cheap, faster and of course, available in your country.

  • Step II: Obtain the necessary gadget

After finding the right site, you now have to obtain the necessary gadget. You may catch the proceedings via various gadgets. These include the smart televisions, tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops. The choice of the right gadget is largely determined by the screen size, intended number of viewers, and of course your budget space.

  • Step III: Enroll in an appropriate subscription

It may not always be that the site you pick for the job is free. Indeed, most of the services that are available at the moment are premium. Thus, you have to see to it that you understand the terms of engagement of each site and thereafter proceed to make a subscription.

  • Step IV: Purchase the relevant data plan

To be able to stream contents online, you should also purchase and enroll in a relevant data plan. This event is slated to last 11 days. Bear this mind as you find the right plan for your subsequent content streaming. Skim the various data service providers to be able to find the most suitable deal.

  • Step V: Take note of the Broadcast schedules

Lastly, you ought to take note of and adhere to the laid down broadcast schedule. How else can you know when the respective matches shall take place? One sure way of achieving this is to set reminders and alarms. We discuss the schedules firmly in the proceeding segment of our discussions.

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2022 IIHF WJC Broadcast Schedule

As noted above, this event shall also beamed across the globe via various communication channels and modes of transmission. Knowing the breakdown of the times when the events shall be held is certainly a great thing to do as it is the one that shall guide you fully.

World juniors broadcast schedule

For a start, the upcoming tournament shall be divided into two main kinds. These are the pre-tournament and the world junior respectively. We present the schedule by way of a table hereunder:

IIHF World juniors 2021 Pre-competition Schedule

December 20, 2020USA vs Switzerland6pm
December 20, 2020Finland vs Czech Republic9:30pm
December 21, 2020Austria vs Germany2pm
December 21, 2020Sweden vs Canada6pm
December 21, 2020Russia vs Slovakia9:30pm
December 22, 2020Finland vs USA6pm
December 22, 2020Switzerland vs Sweden9:30pm
December 23, 2020Slovakia vs Austria2pm
December 23, 2020Canada vs Russia6pm
December 23, 2020Czech Republic vs Germany9:30pm

IIHF World Juniors 2021 Schedule

December 25, 2020Slovakia vs Switzerland6pm
December 25, 2020Finland vs Germany2pm
December 25, 2020USA vs Russia9:30pm
December 26, 2020Czech Republic vs Sweden6pm
December 26, 2020Canada vs Germany2pm
December 26, 2020Austria vs USA9:30pm
December 27, 2020Switzerland vs Finland6pm
December 27, 2020Canada vs Slovakia2pm
December 27, 2020Russia vs Czech Republic9:30pm
December 28, 2020Sweden vs Austria6pm
December 28, 2020Germany vs Slovakia9:30pm
December 29, 2020Czech Republic vs United States2pm
December 29, 2020Switzerland vs Canada6pm
December 29, 2020Russia vs Austria9:30pm
December 30, 2020Slovakia vs Finland2pm
December 30, 2020Germany vs Switzerland6pm
December 30, 2020Sweden vs Russia9:30pm
December 31, 2020Austria vs Czech Republic2pm
December 31, 2020Finland vs Canada6pm
December 31, 2020USA vs Sweden9:30pm
January 2, 2021Quarterfinals12pm
January 2, 2021Quarterfinals3:30pm
January 2, 2021Quarterfinals7pm
January 2, 2021Quarterfinals10:30pm
January 3, 2021Semifinals6:00pm
January 3, 2021Semifinals9:30pm
January 5, 2021Bronze5:30pm
January 5, 2021Gold9:30pm

World juniors 2021 Canada Roster

Here is the full list of players,There are represent Team Canada at this year’s World Juniors tournament.


Cole Perfetti, Jakob Pelletier, Kirby Dach, Connor Zary, Dylan Holloway, Alex Newhook, Ryan Suzuki, Connor McMichael, Peyton Krebs, Quinton Byfield, Dawson Mercer, Dylan Cozens, Philip Tomasino, Jack Quinn


Kaedan Korczak, Bowen Byram, Thomas Harley, Braden Schneider, Jamie Drysdale, Jordan Spence, Kaiden Guhle, Justin Barron


Taylor Gauthier, Devon Levi, Dylan Garand

COVID-19 pandemic could impact the World Juniors

We started out by saying that this year is not going to be the same. The reason is that we are presently experiencing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is no doubt going to impact the tournament and the subsequent viewership profoundly in the following ways:

  • Reduced Ticket Sales

By far the most significant impact that the tournament is bound to suffer is the reduced ticket. Many fans will simply not be willing to risk their lives to attend the matches. Instead, many will prefer following the proceedings at the comfort of their own homes.

  • Cancellation of Attendance

Some teams may also not wish to attend the matches in person for the same reason. They simply would not want to risk their lives for fear of catching the virus and the complications that come along. This might see the tournament scaled down to line up with the fewer attendees.

  • Increased Home Viewership

As hinted above, many fans will choose to follow the matches in the comfort of their own homes. This shall see a surge in the number of internet subscriptions and enrolment in the premium content providers. We never know the impact that this might have. There is a likelihood that it may be rendered permanent.

  • Possibility of Deferment

In case many sides decide not to show up for the matches, there is the likelihood of deferring it or even canceling it altogether. The same fate has already befallen the world Olympic Games and a couple of premier league matches across the European continent.

  • Stricter Measures

If and when the matches are eventually hosted, the organizers are bound to introduce stricter measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Some of these could be a cap on the number of fans, the spacing between two fans, the kind of attire that the fans are supposed to put on, and the mandatory sanitization and face masks.

  • Increased Cost of Hosting

Also, there is bound to be an increase in the cost of hosting the match altogether. This is largely going to be occasioned by the newer stricter measures and the fewer number of anticipated fans. The end result no doubt is going to be an increase in the actual costs of the tickets.

How to Get World Juniors Ticket

Would you wish to purchase the ticket for the upcoming IIHF Worlds Junior Championships? Well, you have to make appropriate arrangements to purchase the tickets as soon as possible. We explain the finer details of the ticket here for you:

Upper Bowl$495
Upper Bowl$595
Upper Bowl$695
Upper Bowl$795
Lower Bowl$895
Lower Bowl$975
Lower Bowl$1,050
Lower Bowl$1,196
Lower Bowl$1,295
Pack 3$490
Pack 2$625
Pack 1$725

Tickets are available in batches only. You have three options to pick from; two for the games in Edmonton and one in the Red Deer. These tickets are generally expected to be in high demand as many people naturally love following the proceedings live.

To ensure fairness to access the tickets the same shall be dispensed via a Priority Draw. No deposit is needed to purchase the tickets but they have to be bought in advance via the website on or before Saturday, December 26th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. GMT.

Where exactly you purchase the ticket is entirely up to you. It is possible for you to purchase the tickets both in Edmonton and Red Deer at the same time. You will receive this option as you make your application or registering for the same.

The system limits you to enter the Priority Draw only once. This is checked and limited to the email address that you use to do so. To beat the system, consider using multiple emails to register and subsequently apply for the ticket in the Priority Draw.

Typically, your chances of getting selected for in this draw depends largely on the number of times you choose to enter the draw. The more you enter the draws the higher your chances of getting selected becomes.

In case you are selected in the Priority Draw, you will receive a notification via email. In the email shall be the details of when and how to purchase the respective ticket packages online and when exactly this may happen.

Purchasing the ticket is one thing. Finding the right seat for the task of watching the match is yet another thing altogether. And yes, it is possible for you to choose the seat location that is desirable to you. That you will do after you have already bought the ticket. You will generally receive two seating options to pick from based mainly on the availability of the same.

To remit the payments you have various options to make use of. Some of these include the use of cards like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Then again, you can also wire the money via the PayPal online payment platform. The choice of the payment platform you prefer is entirely up to you.

Final Words

Having exhausted this subject matter, we leave it entirely to you to now prepare appropriately for the same. Kindly take your time to peruse through the contents to be able to master them keenly. Then, proceed to determine whether or not a live view is worthwhile or not.

For your own safety and added peace of mind, we suggest that you skip the live viewing in favor of at-home watching. We are mindful of your health in the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic. Is it not fair also for you to spread the news abroad? Kindly share it with someone who might need it!

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